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Pond Store

     According to local records, the Pond, from which the store derived its name, was built by the county as a watering place for oxen, horses and mules which were used in hauling cotton and other produce to Fort Adams by wagon for transshipment via river steamboat.

The first store and post office was destroyed by fire.  In 1881 the present structure was built.

The store still retains its original charm with hardwood floors, long rows of wooden shelves, display cases and wooden bench on the front porch.

Present proprietors are Liz and Norman Chaffin.  Tour of the house and Store are available by appointment. ($2.50 per person)


     Pond Store Cabins

The pond Store Cabin is a quaint one-room cabin equipped with two queen-sized beds and a sleeping loft.  The spacious cabin also has a kitchenette with stovetop, sink and refrigerator.

This is an ideal getaway cabin for families or couples.  Small pets are welcome for an additional fee.  Enjoy country living at its finest.

For reservations, call or write:

Mrs.  Liz Chaffin


Pond Store

182 Fort Adams-Pond Road

Woodville,  MS.   39669

Clark Creek Natural Area

The Clark Creek Nature Trail is 300 yards from the Pond Store.  It is a state park with 700 acres in the steep Loess Bluffs, featuring some 50 waterfalls, ranging from 10 to 30 feet in height.  

A paradise for bird watchers hikers, photographers, and botanists.  Come see the area depicted in many John James Audubon paintings.

Visitors should be medically fit before hiking the trails because the terrain at Clark Creek is physically demanding.

No overnight camping or motorized vehicles allowed.  Only foot traffic is permitted.

Clark Creek is beautiful and enjoyable year-round.  Trail maps are available at Pond Store.

All of the above from Pond Store Publications

Clarks Creek's   Mexican Plum , Bigleaf Snowbell,  State Record TreeHophornbeam

Best Times to Visit

Clark Creek is beautiful and enjoyable year-round.  April and May bring many blooming wildflowers and a host of colorful neotropical migratory birds in migration, some of which will nest on the property.  Large deciduous shade trees make the area comfortable on even the hottest summer days.  Giant Beach, Sweetgum and Hickory trees are showy in October as their leaves change colors.  Numbers of migratory birds can be seen in the fall foraging on available insects and fruits as thy prepare to head south for the winter.

Location and Directions

The Clark Creek Natural Area lies amid the lush vegetation of Wilkinson County southeast of the historic old town of Fort Adams and the Mississippi River, and 13 miles west of Woodville in the Pond Community.  Natchez is about 40 miles north on U.S. 61, Jackson is 140 miles northeast, and Baton Rouge is about 44 miles south.

To get   to  Clark  Creek

From Jackson, visitors should take Interstate 55 south to McComb.  Proceed west on Highway 24/48 to Woodville.  Continue through Woodville on Highway 24, and at the Clark Creek sigh( near the outskirts of Woodville), turn left onto the Woodville Pond Pinkneyville road.  Drive about 13 miles to the community of Pond, turn right and proceed across the cattle gap up toward the large, white building that serves as the Pond Store.  The Clark Creek parking lot is about 300 yards down the road on the left. 

 From  Natchez,   take U. S. 61 south to Woodville and turn right on Highway 24 and proceed as above.  

 From Baton Rouge, take I-110 north to Highway 61 and from there north to Woodville.  Turn left onto Highway 24 and proceed as above.

There is no potable water or other amenities at Clark Creek.  Users should plan to take plenty of water on any outing.  It is recommended that visitors review a topographic map of the area before visiting, and carry a compass on you outing.   Visitors should be medically fit before hiking the trails because the terrain at Clark Creek is physically demanding.

 The above from Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks

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