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Woodville Republican


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The Woodville Republican

Mississippi's Oldest Newspaper 

Established 1823

425 Depot Street, P. O. Box 696,  Woodville, Mississippi

Telephone (601) 888-4293, Fax (601) 888-6156

e-mail  for Woodville Republican



Subscriptions Fees

50 Cents per Copy 

*****  Prices as of June 14, 2004 *****

***** Prices may change *****

***** Please check with the Woodville Republican to make sure of the correct amount. ******

21.00 Per year in Wilkinson County
23.00 Outside Wilkinson County & in Mississippi
25.00 Per year outside Mississippi


Andrew J. Lewis - Publisher / Editor

Lili R. Lewis - Associate Editor 

Sharon J. Flaccomio - Bookkeeper

Fran Catchings Devening - Typesetter


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